About Us

Over The Bar started off as three friends and football fans, who all support different teams. We decided to put together this blog as a place to share our opinions on what is happening to the teams and the sport we love. The idea is that we will write about what is currently going on in football, talking about the facts, the opinions and the humour which makes the game we love the most talked about, watched and followed sport in the world (according to us). We also write some pieces about the memories which have stuck with us during our years of following football. However, since starting off at the end of February 2017, the Over The Bar has grown at an impressive rate (and continues to grow).

Over The Bar is now bigger than just three friends, but the values and purpose that we had at the beginning remain the same. We now have a number of contributors from various clubs, covering a range of leagues and teams.

We’ve each put together a little bio about ourselves and we will be trying to cover the sport not just about the teams we follow, or locally in the UK (or Russia) but globally… Anyways we hope you enjoy our blogs and if you do then give us a follow on twitter @OverTheBarFB


A Manchester City fan, from Manchester (needless to say). You’ll find me mainly covering City and City related topics, the Premier League in general, the Champions League and FA Cup. I also have interests in La Liga and the MLS.

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Wigan lad living in St. Petersburg. Was there when we went up to the Prem and won the Cup. Been a fan of Chinese Super League before it became cool. I’ll be focusing on the rise and fall of Latics, and big name transfers from Europe to China.

David Turner13418992_10156989828000623_5583659939015390747_n

A Manchester United fan from Manchester…a rarity apparently. I will be covering all things United, Europa League, League Cup and will give my opinions and views on all things Premier League and football in general.

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Rochdale born and bred and a fan of Rochdale FC (yes they do have some fans) and lower league football. You’ll mainly find me covering topics in League One.