City & Me

I suppose it’s a quite interesting that this is written on the back of one of the most exciting games in City’s recent European history. The game against Monaco had everything; supreme attacking play, wonderful skills and passing on show, some fantastic goals, controversies, a penalty saved, a penalty not given, calamitous defending, awful refereeing, “Boo!”-ming atmosphere and all within an eight goal 90 minute thriller. The good, the bad and the ugly all featured and that to me is quite apt given that I’m writing this as a dyed in the wool City fan. And City are more than accomplished at forcing their supporters through a ride on a roller coaster of emotion.

Growing up, there was no alternative to being a City fan for me, despite the fact that it was the 1990s and Everyone else was claiming to be a United fan. There just wasn’t a choice for me. City were the only football team in the house, and although it meant I’d be resigned to years of being picked last in playground football matches, years of having to put up with drivel from no-nowt United fans (in the main), I wouldn’t change it for the world. Though, that’s not to say I haven’t questioned it at times, I’ll admit like a fan of any club, there have been times where allegiances are tested; Stuart Pearce’s entire tenure was a period where football was seldom talked about in our family, music and more optimistic joys in life took centre stage for obvious reasons at that time!

In posts to follow, I’ll be covering current City topics, but I’ll likely throw in a few nostalgia trips along the way.

I’m lucky to have been there at Wembley in 1999 against Gillingham – Yes I was there and NO we did not leave early. I was there at 93:20 against QPR – AgĂĽeroooooooooooooooo – again we didn’t leave early before anyone starts! As a season ticket (card nowadays) holder and having I amassed a good number of loyalty points, I manage to get to a good share of Away days too where money allows, so all points considered, from a fans perspective, I’d like to think I’m in a good position to comment on the club.

Back to this week, the Manchester Derby was supposed to take place on Sunday, but has been postponed due to United playing in a Cup Final and City’s next game is against Huddersfield, an FA Cup replay, as the blues drew 0-0 at the John Smiths Stadium last week. If you take away the Monaco game and think only about the domestic fixtures this week, the younger me would assume that nothing’s changed and United are still the superior team in town at the moment. However, the reality is that in 2017 and the football landscape is so different to the 90s. The situation City are in nowadays was barely a pipe dream when I was a kid, and the journey that has got us here has been totally worthwhile. Let’s enjoy the rest of the ride!


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